Cliffside Construction offer its professional services in; Irrigation, Building and Asbestos audits/removal. The company and services has been established since 2000 with the directors/managers having been in the irrigation and construction industry since the 1970's.

Qualified Tradesman in South Australia and Victoria:

We have a qualified and experinced team to meet your needs in the building industry for:         

  • Timber wall framing
  • Timber roofing
  • Skirting/Architraves/Doors
  • Styrene insulated wall clading
  • Hebal wall clading

South Australia Contact: Mark Evans 0408 961 369

Victoria Contact: Peter Hartshorn 0429 476 192


Lower Murray Water Approved Installation Contractor

  • Meter reading and system monitoring (LMW contract)
  • Install water Meters
  • Install House & Garden outlets
  • Pipe laying
  • Land clearing
  • Repairs and maintenance to pipe lines, butterfly valves, air valves
  • We can make you PVC and Concrete pipe bends of any angle, off-takes and tees any size pipe
irrigation 1591
SAM 1592

What's your preference?

Timber Construction
20% (1 vote)
Brick Veneer
60% (3 votes)
Double Brick
0% (0 votes)
Straw Bale & render
20% (1 vote)
Total votes: 5

Asbestos Projects

We specialise in ASBESTOS -- Removal -- Audits -- Reports -- Samples Testing

  • Licensed B class Asbestos removal.
  • Project manage A class Asbestos removal.
  • Licensed in VIC-NSW-SA-NT
  • EPA registered to carry Asbestos containing materials.
  • NATA accredited sample testing and on site hygienist for air monitoring
  • All our staff are trained in Asbestos handling

We Service

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Municipal